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Social Media, Disasters and Helping the Community

I wrote this a few weeks ago……

This weekend I learned all about wildfires: up close and personal.  It all started with an erie cloud overhead we were talking with some friends on our driveway.  Now, in drought striken Texas dark clouds are a good thing, but this one seemed a bit different.   Then we started to smell smoke.  We do not have cable TV but a quick check of Twitter, Facebook and the local news sites showed that there were several major fires in our area.  They were spreading quickly, people were evacuating and buildings were burning. The top trending hashtag on Twitter was #centralTX fires so we started to check it regularly.  On Facebook we “liked” our town blog, Dripping Springs Babble, to get the latest news about the fire closest to us.  I then started to follow the twitterers who posted the most relevant information/updates.  We packed a a getaway bag and made an evacuation plan, but luckily we did not need implement it.  Others were not so lucky, but the community rallied  and social media sites which yesterday kept us informed, today told us about fundraisers, supply drives and ways we could participate.  All of this made me think about social responsibility during great tragedies, and how social media can elevate the efforts of a small business to match that of  larger, well-known organization.

  1. If you post relevant and needed information people will follow you.  Dripping Springs Babble, did a great job on keeping the local community informed on the latest evacuations, road closures and fire department updates.  I estimate that more than half of the comments were thanking the owners of this small business, for providing the neighborhood details faster than traditional news media.  Now people remember this site as active member of the community who did the right thing.
  2. This is not the time to advertise.  On the #centraltxfires (twitter catergory), people publically berated people who posted anything other then sympathy, or fire information.  You logo, image or page is enough for people to associate you with good deeds.
  3. Once the danger has passed, leading fundraising efforts will be appreciated.  Donate your services, product, facility or time, and use social media sites to raise awareness.
  4. Develop a way to measure the benefit your efforts helped everyone.  Knowing hat 100 people liked your facebook page and posted 60 comments saying thank you, really does make it worthwhile.

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How yelp can squander your customer’s goodwill.

One of my clients decided to register on Yelp and asked her customers to submit a review.  They took time out of their busy schedules, registered on Yelp (they never heard of it before) and submitted their opinions of her business.  The reviews are stored in the Yelp database, but are not showing up under her business because Yelp considers those reviews to be suspect.  She does not feel comfortable asking her customers to spend more time writing reviews on another site, so now she is left in a very difficult position. (more…)

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Why I think the Kinect is a game changer much like the iPhone

The iPhone revolutionized what we do and how we do it.  It became my one device for connecting to people, managing my finances, looking at the weather, filming, occupying my children on a long flight, and the list goes on and on.  In fact unless there is an app, I won’t use that SW.

For the price of an iPhone, the Kinect allows us control what other object do.  Even cooler are all the hacks that people can come up with in the privacy of their own home, and then share with us.  One read your email, another translated American Sign Language (ASL) and a favorite for all couch potatoes: move a lazyboy.

For me its controlling netflix.  That is huge.  Growing up we always had a flight to the death over the remote, because that person got to determine what other people watched.  Now the stakes are even higher, we went through 3 peanut remotes in the past four years (kids use them as projectiles, dogs confuse them for chew toys…well you get the idea.)  Also remotes have gotten so complicated that my mother, or my mother-in-law request I turn on the TV for them.  These are smart, educated women (engineering degree, patent holder.)  Now a wave of your hand or foot can get you to your favorite show.

Like the IPhone, the Kinect is relatively inexpensive, commercially available, has low barriers for development, and a developer community that loves to share hacks.

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The best compliment a social media instructor can get

Alan Smith, a former student at my DSISD Social Media for Small Business Class, contacted me several weeks ago to develop a class for a group of Austin business owners.  I am very excited by this opportunity.  First, I love telling people about how easy it is to use current cool technologies to develop a web identity, and find customers online.  Second, I am pleased he found the original course so compelling.

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Teachin another job search and social media class

Forget Monday night football. Attend a session on how to use social media to help you find a job! I am teaching a class tonight at DSISD community education.

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Check out the Dripping Springs ISD Adult Classes

Check out the latest offerings at the DSISD Community Education.  This school district really really has some amazing  programming.

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